Sales League Table

This is our weekly league table of 30 Day Challenges to show you which has been the most popular in terms of sale in the previous week.

The details below are for 7-13th May 2013 – which one did you buy?


Bonanza Bundle #1
The 30 Day Twitter Challenge The 30 Day Facebook Challenge The 30 Day LinkedIn Challenge The 30 Day Google+ Challenge The 30 Day Blogging Challenge The 30 Day SEO Challenge
Bonanza Bundle #3
The 30 Day Write an ebook Challenge The 30 Day Kindle Challenge The 30 Day Marketing Challenge The 30 Day Time Management Challenge The 30 Day Business Writing Challenge
30 Day Email Marketing Challenge
If you’re always reading how important it is to build up a big opt in email list and market to them regularly, then this challenge is for you!
30 Day Facebook Challenge - eBook
In this ebook I’ll tell you: how to gain fans / likes how to make your page look good where to promote your page how to engage your audience how to ‘not’ make your page just ‘me me me me me’ where to find out the info you need how to encourage people to share your page with their contacts why automating isn’t always a good thing why conversation is and more
299 Steps to Blogging Heaven
Don’t worry if you haven’t blogged before – 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven guides you through starting, running and promoting a blog. It’s really straight forward – and puts you in control of promoting yourself and your business.
30 day SEO Challenge - eBook
In this Challenge you’ll learn about: Finding the right keyphrases Making META tags work for you Why Titles matter How to get front page Google listings and keep them Whether link building campaigns are worth it How to get links to your site that really make a difference and more!
30 Day Blogging Challenge - eBook
Find out: How to write headlines that do well in search engines What to blog every day for 30 days How to vary your blogs and increase your audience How to increase comments and interation on your blog Why adding a picture to your blogs is vital How to make your blogs look better How to track which blogs are doing the best How a call to action can increase take-up by 65% Why guest blogging is vital How to use tags and more!
30 Day Motivation Challenge
The five key areas that we’ll be tackling together will be: 1. Taking a careful and realistic look and your current situation, and identifying opportunities for positive change; 2. Planning the future as you would like it to be; 3. Recognising the barriers to your success; 4. Discovering tips and tools to overcome those barriers; and then 5. Living the dream… thinking about how to stay on track, and be motivated on the journey.

Will you buy one of our popular Challenges today?

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