What they’re saying about the 30 Day Basic Business Writing Challenge


We love to share our reviews with you – here are some from the 30 Day Basic Business Writing Challenge on Kindle! 5.0 out of 5 stars Practical and fun By . “Angela Sherman” (UK) The ‘one challenge per day’ approach to learning in this book works really well – and the whole thing is […]

Sales tips for small businesses – The Best Testimonials You Can Get

Blogging Book-30-day-sales

This is an extract from the 30 Day Sales Challenge by @GaryGorman A great way of growing your customer base and your sales is to get building up a library of customer testimonials. One of the biggest challenges I think you might face in getting a new customer is SCEPTICISM. They will be thinking ‘Is […]

Getting Recommendations on LinkedIn


This is an extract from the 30 Day LinkedIn Challenge by @nigel_morgan Obviously getting recommendations is more powerful for your reputation as it will demonstrate to individuals how valuable people find your services – especially if they write the kind of recommendation we suggest you should write! If you click ‘Request Recommendations’ you are faced […]

Giving recommendations on LinkedIn


There is a strong argument that if you want to receive recommendations you should give them – but this should be tempered by only give credit where it is truly due and also not to expect one in return. Now, you’ve never been drunk obviously, but perhaps you have friends who do get drunk? Have […]

Another thumbs up for the 30 Day SEO Challenge!


We love testimonials, and here’s our latest for the 30 Day SEO Challenge! Having started the 30 day SEO challenge I was preparing to have to abandon in the early stages. I expected jargon, blurb and the need to edit website all the time (which creates costs as developers run on a fee basis). I […]

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