Do you have a 60 second pitch?

This is an extract from the 30 Day Becoming a VA Challenge by @helenstothard Whether you decide to attend physical networking events, or just stay online, your 60 second pitch is something you need to think about. Also described as an ‘elevator pitch’ this is how you sell the benefits of what you do to […]

Starting your own business – an infographic


With the employment market being the way it is, more and more people are thinking of starting their own business – we found this fab infographic that may help. And don’t forget our 30 Day Starting Your Own Business Challenge too! A mini guide to starting your own business by the team at XLN Telecom […]

How to Create a Company Profile on LinkedIn


This is an extract from the 30 Day LinkedIn Challenge by @nigel_morgan The chances are you own a small business and creating a Company Profile on LinkedIn is a way to punch above your weight and showcase the range of services you offer and it also, like Groups, gives people the chance to see what […]

Small business PR: Riding coattails!


This is an extract from the 30 Day PR Challenge, by @Nigel_Morgan Politically speaking when you ride someone’s coattails you achieve your goals without any real effort, instead latching on to someone else. Much is the same with news stories and PR and as such you need to do so with a lightness of touch. […]

Virtual Assistants – How much should you charge?


This is an extract from the 30 Day Setting up as a VA Challenge by @HelenStothard We’ve worked out what services we want to offer, we’ve researched our market and we’ve looked through the support sites. We should have the information we need now to start looking at our rates. What we are NOT going […]

What they’re saying about the 30 Day VA Challenge


Some great reviews on Amazon for @helenstothard’s fab 30 Day VA Challenge: Wish this had been available when I first started!,18 April 2012 By Sassperella “maxmum” (Somerset, UK) – See all my reviews This review is from: 30 Day Setting up as a Virtual Assistant Challenge (30 Day Challenges) (Kindle Edition) Reading this as an […]

Not convinced by Pinterest yet? You should be!


Everyone seems to be talking about Pinterest at the moment, and you’d be forgiven for just ignoring it as the latest hype. Indeed, even I’ve said I’m not putting all my eggs in the Pinterest basket yet, and I’m a massive fan. But one thing you can’t argue with is the figures. Everyone who is […]

How are small businesses using Social Media?


  Infographic via @mashable Like this post? Don’t forget to check out the 30 Day Facebook Challenge, and kickstart your Facebook Business Page in just 30 days!  

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