Virtual Assistants – do you have a marketing plan?


This is an extract from the 30 Day VA Challenge by @HelenStothard I know you are only just setting up but you do need a marketing plan. Even more importantly, you need to stick to your marketing plan. Now don’t panic and think I am suggesting you embark on expensive ad campaigns. I would hope by now […]

Basic business writing – Of or have … and other common goofs

This is an extract from the 30 Day Basic Business Writing  Challenge by @SuzanStMaur …Of/have: such commonly spoken and written words, but sadly not interchangeable. If you’re talking about something in conditional terms, you need to say “I could have … would have … should have.” The use of the word “of” instead is incorrect […]

Can people find you on Twitter? Even if they don’t know who you are?


This is an extract from the 30 Day Twitter Challenge by @NikkiPilkington We spoke a little in Day 1 about being able to be found in Twitter search via keywords in your bio, but let’s expand that a little. It has been said that Twitter search is used almost as much as Google search, and […]

3 fab new 30 Day Challenges coming your way!

Just a quickie on a Friday to let you know we have 3 fab new 30 Day Challenges coming your way! These are all written and ready to go, being converted to PDF and Kindle as we speak! 30 Day Basic Business Writing Challenge - eBook Are mistakes in your writing letting you down in your career or   business? Wish your written communication was as good and professional as you are? Here’s the help you need: the easiest, friendliest way perfect your basic business writing in just 30 enjoyable days… Find out more at 30 Day Sales Negotiation Challenge - eBook Although this book is aimed primarily for sellers, most of the techniques will hold true for buyers as well. You don’t get what’s fair - you get what you negotiate! Find out more at 30 Day Marketing Challenge - eBook The 30 Day Marketing Challenge takes you step by step along the path of working out what you want to say, to whom and where? It challenges you to ask questions, discover new skills, ask for help and generally undertake to talk about what you do at every opportunity (because you never know when your words might spark something in your listeners). Find out more at 3 great books from 3 great authors, all available to prebuy now at just £4. Also, a quick reminder that today is the last day of my Silly SEO Offer for June and I have one place left - Happy Challenging! Nikki

8 Cold Calling Tips to help your Small Business Sales

This is an extract from the 30 Day Sales Challenge by @GaryGorman Anyone that knows me well will know I’m not a great fan of cold calling. It can be incredibly time consuming unless it’s done well. I prefer to use the time better by marketing or positioning my business so that customers seek me […]

Marketing Strategies for Facebook [infographic]


Some great thoughts here on using Facebook to help your marketing, from

5 Industries That Should Be On Pinterest Right Now!


Pinterest may seem like the new kid on the block but has actually been around for a couple of years. Only recently, however, has the buzz increased and people have started showing more interest. A primarily visual medium, the idea with Pinterest is that you ‘pin’ pictures to various ‘boards’ that you have created, and […]

5 tips for Google+ marketing – A guest post by Diana Maria


Google is the leading brand in the search domain and with its social networking site; Google is set to grab a major share of the social market. Although they do not have a business page for marketers but its features are being utilized by strategist all over the world. Once Google+ launches its “brand pages”, […]

What happens when you feed your sales funnel with Facebook?


I’m mad crazy in love with Pinterest at the moment, it’s a great source of articles, infographics and more that you often don’t find anywhere else, and I loved this infographic on how using Facebook in the sales mix can help to feed your sales funnel. Have a look and let me know what you […]

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5 Ways NOT To Market Your Services On Twitter

If you are a business owner who needs to learn about marketing, it’s important to learn how to Tweet for success. Like any other matter in marketing, there’s a right way to do things, and then there is the wrong way to do things. Those who want to market their services on Twitter should learn […]

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