Virtual Assistants – do you have a marketing plan?


This is an extract from the 30 Day VA Challenge by @HelenStothard I know you are only just setting up but you do need a marketing plan. Even more importantly, you need to stick to your marketing plan. Now don’t panic and think I am suggesting you embark on expensive ad campaigns. I would hope by now […]

All the ebooks you need for 2013 – check out our Bonanza Bundles!


You’ve been asking us for a while to bundle some of our ebooks together, and what better time to do that than at the beginning of a new year? Whether you’re looking to up your Social Media Marketing, finally getting around to writing that ebook, or are looking to kickstart your Marketing and Sales in […]

Small business sales tips – Where Does Your Customer ‘Hang Out’?

Blogging Book-30-day-sales

This is an extract from the 30 Day Sales Challenge by @GaryGorman When you’re running a business, and particularly when you’re starting out lots of well meaning people will say: “You’ve really got to get on Twitter and Facebook. Oh and get your LinkedIn profile up to date because that’s important. Oh…and get an advert […]

PR help for small businesses: Being like McDonald’s. Seriously.


This is an extract from the 30 Day PR Challenge by @Nigel_Morgan Now I am not going to spend this post puffing up McDonald’s as a firm of PR genius – in fact far from it I could list the myriad bungles – they are poor at PR. However I do want to talk about […]

Get 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven free for a tweet!


Get 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven free for a tweet! Whether you’re an accomplished blogger or a complete beginner, you’ll find lots of really useful tips in this great ebook. As a keen blogger – I’ve learned the hard way and spent lots of time working my way around the various blogging tools that are […]

Marketing Strategies for Facebook [infographic]


Some great thoughts here on using Facebook to help your marketing, from

Are you in the 30 Day Challenges Facebook Group?


If you’re either doing or have completed a 30 Day Challenge, a quick reminder of our dedicated Facebook group for all Challengers.   I’m in there answering questions on SEO, Facebook, Twitter etc.   Sarah Arrow is in there answering questions on Google+   Helen Stothard is in there answering your Kindle questions   Nigel […]

5 tips for Google+ marketing – A guest post by Diana Maria


Google is the leading brand in the search domain and with its social networking site; Google is set to grab a major share of the social market. Although they do not have a business page for marketers but its features are being utilized by strategist all over the world. Once Google+ launches its “brand pages”, […]

Embrace social media marketing to augment your business profits – A Guest Post By Kavin Matthews

A Guest Post By Kavin Matthews Before you even think of undertaking the execution and implementation of a sound campaign for social media marketing, it is very important that you establish the benefits of social media within your business organization. When someone sets up a business firm, his main goal is to increase the profits […]

Have a bumper harvest with Organic PR


Organic PR is the name given to a winning approach to public relations and social media marketing created by Morgan PR and something we are happy to share with you. It recognises that most businesses are already full of opportunities to promote themselves and do not need to use gimmicks of spin to encourage people […]

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