How many Kindle books are you competing with?


I’ve been looking for a while for some definitive research on how many fiction and non fiction books are being promoted on Amazon for the Kindle ereader, but hadn’t come across anything I could use… until now. Many thanks to the fab people over at (sign up to their newsletter, it’s great!) for producing […]

Where can I get an ebook cover for my Kindle ebook?


This is an extract from the 30 Day Kindle Success Challenge by @helenstothard I know we probably haven’t finished writing or editing our book yet but it’s never too early to think about having your cover designed. You need to give the designer enough time to complete the work after all. Don’t think because your […]

What they’re saying about the 30 Day VA Challenge


Some great reviews on Amazon for @helenstothard’s fab 30 Day VA Challenge: Wish this had been available when I first started!,18 April 2012 By Sassperella “maxmum” (Somerset, UK) – See all my reviews This review is from: 30 Day Setting up as a Virtual Assistant Challenge (30 Day Challenges) (Kindle Edition) Reading this as an […]

How should I price my eBook?


This is an excerpt from the 30 Day Write an Ebook Challenge, by @nikkipilkington OK, so you’ve finished your eBook, now it’s time to think about the rest of the process. I want you to put away the eBook file, whether it is a computer file or a notebook – put it away and forget […]

Is there a market for your Ebook?


This is an excerpt from The 30 Day Write an Ebook Challenge, available now With the best will in the world, no matter how great your book is, there’s no point spending time and effort writing it if no-one wants to buy it. So today you’re going to do some research in a couple of […]

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