Get 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven free for a tweet!


Get 299 Steps to Blogging Heaven free for a tweet! Whether you’re an accomplished blogger or a complete beginner, you’ll find lots of really useful tips in this great ebook. As a keen blogger – I’ve learned the hard way and spent lots of time working my way around the various blogging tools that are […]

How do YOU write blog posts?


It’s interesting to see the reactions when I tell people that I write upwards of 20 blogs per day – not for myself, but for clients. Some think it’s not possible, some think it’s crazy, and others think ‘ghost blogging’ is wrong. Now I’m not going to go into the rights and wrongs of ghost […]

Need an idea for a blog? Write a FAQ!


This post is extracted from the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, a £5 ebook or 30 Day email course aimed at kickstarting your blogging success Today let’s set up a mini FAQ. We’ve already spoken about how people often search with questions, so let’s put 4 or 5 of the questions you get asked and drop […]

5 Tips to Make Your Business Blog Successful


Having a blog can be a great thing for all businesses to do as it offers you another way of writing about your work and promoting your company to your target audience. This means it’s important that you do everything you can to make your business blog as successful as possible. This article takes you through 5 tips […]

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