Don’t get caught short – Contracts, Terms and Conditions #30DayBus


Don’t forget to get your legal documents in place. A contract is a written agreement which is basically just saying something will be done in return for something else.  If either party doesn’t meet their side of the agreement then the contract is a basis for legal action. Terms and conditions are a non negotiable […]

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30 Day Starting a Business Challenge review – Comprehensive & Well Written!


We love it when our Challenges are reviewed over at Amazon, and we like to share them with you Here’s the latest review for the 30 Day Starting a Business Challenge Comprehensive and well written, 22 Jan 2012 By Angela - See all my reviews This review is from: 30 Days to Starting your own Business Challenge (30 Days […]

Do you know how to invoice PROPERLY?


Today I’d like to share an extract from The 30 Day Starting a Business Challenge eBook One of the most important things to do on setting up your business is to make sure you are ready to issue invoices. If you decided to invest in accounting software then you may just need to fill in some information […]

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