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This is an extract from the 30 Day Sales Challenge by @GaryGorman

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I come across lots of sales people who are nervous about closing the sale. They often don’t want to be seen as ‘pushy’ and so shy away from actually asking for the order. But as we’ve already seen earlier if we’ve followed a conversational yet persuasive selling sequence it would seem strange to the customer if we didn’t ask for the sale.

Most sales training books will tell you about the different types of closing ‘techniques’

Four of the most well known are:


Used to check if they are ready to buy yet/

‘If you were to order today I could get it to you by Monday’


‘When would you like to receive delivery?’


‘Would you prefer to buy the larger size or the smaller pack?’


‘Stock is limited so you would need to order today to get one in time’

Now these do work (often very well) but they’re probably a little obvious and an experienced customer can see them a mile off.

One of the easiest (and less obvious) closing techniques builds on our aim to be conversational and it is to say to the customer…..

‘So…what do you see as the next step?’

By asking the question in this way the customer tends to feel that they’re not being ‘sold’ to but, instead, fully involved in a mutually beneficial idea.

Try it…it really takes the pressure off the customer and in this way works so well.

At best they will say: ‘Well I’ll place the order with you’… worst, it will flush out the conditions upon which they might buy in the future. And that’s no bad thing is it?

Challenge Fifteen

Write down three phrases that you feel comfortable in using to close the sale. It is important that you are comfortable with the wording as any unease will be obvious to the customer so consider these carefully.

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