Small business PR – do you know your media audience?

This is an extract from the 30 Day PR Challenge by @Nigel_Morgan

We’ve spent the first two days talking about you! Knowing your audience is just as important in many respects as these are the newspapers, television shows, radio programmes, website, blogs, and social media… all of the aforementioned!

What are they writing about or broadcasting? Do particular reporters specialise in particular stories? This is important because often it makes more sense to directly approach a reporter rather than send in a press release untargeted and hoping for the best.

Do you bother to buy and read the papers you want to appear in? The programmes? The websites? You would be surprised how many times we meet clients and they do not bother to check out the media they want to reach. You have to!

As you refine your list you are starting to build up a targeted media list and this should be in order of priority of who you wish to appear in the most. Sometimes you’ll need to have an exclusive coverage rather than sending a release out to everyone simultaneously.

Also consider if hey effectively follow up stories? Or is it just one hit and move on when you’d rather they kept on covering a story? This suggests the newsdesk is so professional, which in turn has risks and benefits!

We always recommend businesses develop their own media list rather than buying one or subscribing. Such an approach invariably means you end up missing more than you hit, whereas a list of your own making will reap more rewards more often.

Why stop with the media? You can follow this approach with drawing up a list of businesses you want to target too.

Your homework is to write down a list of the media you wish to target – and get monitoring them, we’ll give you a good tip how tomorrow. Also look for news related email addresses on their website as you’ll need these to distribute your releases as described on Day 10.

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