LinkedIn Marketplace, don’t bring your need, bring your skill

This is an extract from the 30 Day LinkedIn Challenge by @nigel_morgan

It was the late motivational business guru Jim Rohn who gave us the title of today’s challenge, although I doubt he was talking about LinkedIn, who recently made adding your skill set both easy and essential.

Head over to Profile/Edit Profile and scroll down to ‘Skills and Expertise’ and click on Add Skills – which takes you to a neat little interface where you can add up to 50 skills.

It offers the same kind of auto-suggest you see on search engines like Google and that is reassuring as it shows which skills are recognised. Add your skills and then click on each skill where you can add your proficiency and experience in that skill. Be sure to save your changes.

As I will repeat often, do remember each and every change you make to your profile will be instantly shared with your network, so you might want to make lots of changes to get your profile up to scratch, or once it is close to complete, you could drip feed so you constantly appear in your contacts’ updates.

So your homework is to write down a list of your skills to search and add when you are ready to update this part of your profile.

We explore adding a feed from your blog to LinkedIn tomorrow.

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