Is there a market for your Ebook?

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With the best will in the world, no matter how great your book is, there’s no point spending time and effort writing it if no-one wants to buy it.

So today you’re going to do some research in a couple of places to see whether your idea will actually sell.

First of all pop on over to Amazon and search the Kindle store – here are the links you’ll need:

Do a search on keyphrases related to your eBook idea.

How many books are there? While it’s a bit of a finger in the air method of finding out whether or not there’s a market for your book, it’s pretty clear that if there are no books in your area of expertise then either:

  • There’s no market, or
  • You have a really unique idea and could make a fortune!

So that tells us whether people are selling books in your area, now let’s find out whether people are searching for them.

Using the Google Keyword Tool, type in various phrases related to your book idea, along with the word ‘book’ or ‘eBook’ and see how many people search Google for these phrases.

As an example, when I did this search:

  • 12000 people a month search for SEO eBooks
  • 3600 people a month look for Social Media Marketing books
  • 18000 people look for photography eBooks every month
  • 3500 searches are done each month for HR eBooks

Without a doubt, if I were thinking of writing an eBook on one of those subjects then I’d have an audience.

So, have a play, see what you can find – you may even end up thinking of other eBooks you could write, based on the related searches that the Keyword Tool gives you.

Is there a market for your eBook?

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