How should I price my eBook?

This is an excerpt from the 30 Day Write an Ebook Challenge, by @nikkipilkington

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OK, so you’ve finished your eBook, now it’s time to think about the rest of the process.

I want you to put away the eBook file, whether it is a computer file or a notebook – put it away and forget about it today.

DO NOT read it again – you’ll drive yourself mad, tweaking and changing, and you’ll never be 100% satisfied with it anyway.

So today just leave it to one side.

Instead, have a think about pricing.

Now, there are some schools of thought that say and eBook is worth more than or the same as a print book on the same subject.

I’m afraid I don’t agree. To my mind an eBook should be cheaper; but the pricing point is up to you.

Too expensive and anything over the £10 mark tends to make people think twice before buying. Anything less than that seems to be a no brainer purchase.

BUT the pricing of your eBook depends on you and on how niche it is. It may sell for £99, it may sell for a fiver.

Have a look how much others are charging in your industry and think about how much you want to make from your eBook.

Allow enough leeway to discount for presale (we’ll come to this later) and to be able to give discounts and possibly affiliate commission.

Not sure what you should be charging? Drop me a line to and let’s work it out!

By the end of today you should have worked out a pricing point to start from.

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