How many Kindle books are you competing with?

I’ve been looking for a while for some definitive research on how many fiction and non fiction books are being promoted on Amazon for the Kindle ereader, but hadn’t come across anything I could use… until now.

Many thanks to the fab people over at (sign up to their newsletter, it’s great!) for producing just what I need!

The infographic below shows some very interesting stats, although they are based on the US market:

  • There are 908,000 nonfiction titles vs 576,000 fiction titles.
  • The highest percentage of nonfiction books are in the Religion & Spirituality category, followed by Business ebooks.
  • In fiction, the most popular category is Genre Fiction, followed by Contemporary Fiction and Romance.
  • Advice and How To books are almost 9% of the nonfiction category (good news for me!)
  • There appear to be no Comic Fiction books in the fiction category.
  • Children’s Fiction has only 0.9% of the nonfiction category (a great opportunity for you if that’s your category as there will be almost no competition!)

You can see the infographic below,and it also features details of shortcuts to various parts of Amazon you might find useful.

Of course, if you’re looking to write your own ebook, and get it published for Kindle, we have 2 great challenges for you:

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30 Day Kindle Success Challenge - eBook
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