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Lively Organic Farm near Eugene, OregonOrganic PR is the name given to a winning approach to public relations and social media marketing created by Morgan PR and something we are happy to share with you. It recognises that most businesses are already full of opportunities to promote themselves and do not need to use gimmicks of spin to encourage people to talk about them.

Getting people talking about you is the key aim of going Organic with your PR; after all, great public relations are simply the art and science of getting people to talk about you. Yes, part of PR is publicity and about grabbing headlines and you can do that now! However, there are many other ways to get people to promote you, not least through social media.

We have always known that that the key to success has everything to do with identifying the potential of a company’s actions and developing those into the public relations opportunities that generate a real buzz and you discover more about doing that during these 30 days. Create that buzz and getting people talking ultimately leading to sales.

The really clever part comes when you realise that the opportunities have the potential to be repeatedly leveraged through different elements of social media. Indeed, the importance of speaking to customers directly through the myriad channels of social media should not be underestimated.

For example a blog post might also make a press release. Naturally you share the blog post on social media and engage with those who comment and share. Then when the press release is published you will share that with links and encourage people to listen and watch broadcast interviews. If you blog about your broadcast experience and share that you keep on leveraging a single event. Using a tool like HootSuite (affiliate link) will allow you to share on different channels effectively.

As well as your own Facebook business page (get the 30 Day Facebook Challenge if you want to know more) and of course on the 30 Day Challenge Facebook Group too.

Photos can obviously go on your blog, but also photo sharing website Flickr and videos on YouTube. Remember your newsletter too. With a different audience to your blog, you can use blog posts to populate your newsletter.

The aim should be to ultimately drive people to where they can buy or give permission for the site to send them a regular newsletter, or sign up to social media channels. This form of permission marketing keeps them in touch with you until they are ready to buy.

You can watch a video about Organic PR on YouTube and learn more about how Organic PR works on the Morgan PR website.

Like this post? Don’t forget to check out the 30 Day PR Challenge, and kickstart your PR in just 30 days!

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