All the ebooks you need for 2013 – check out our Bonanza Bundles!


You’ve been asking us for a while to bundle some of our ebooks together, and what better time to do that than at the beginning of a new year? Whether you’re looking to up your Social Media Marketing, finally getting around to writing that ebook, or are looking to kickstart your Marketing and Sales in […]

What they’re saying about the 30 Day Basic Business Writing Challenge


We love to share our reviews with you – here are some from the 30 Day Basic Business Writing Challenge on Kindle! 5.0 out of 5 stars Practical and fun By . “Angela Sherman” (UK) The ‘one challenge per day’ approach to learning in this book works really well – and the whole thing is […]

What they’re saying about the 30 Day VA Challenge


Some great reviews on Amazon for @helenstothard’s fab 30 Day VA Challenge: Wish this had been available when I first started!,18 April 2012 By Sassperella “maxmum” (Somerset, UK) – See all my reviews This review is from: 30 Day Setting up as a Virtual Assistant Challenge (30 Day Challenges) (Kindle Edition) Reading this as an […]

The 30 Day Twitter Challenge – invaluable


Another great testimonial for the 30 Day Twitter Challenge from Wendy at AlexJames: “I have found the 30 Day Twitter Challenge invaluable. I already use Twitter and do so on the advice of the author, Nikki Pilkington.  I was lucky enough to be able to ask her the direct questions as to why I should […]

Business Blogging Help? We’re Number 1!


I’m thrilled to see that the Kindle version of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge now sits at number 1 in the Kindle store when searching for ‘blogging’. Thanks to all of you who have bought it, linked to it, reviewed it and loved it – you helped to get it to the top and I really do appreciate […]

The 30 Day SEO Challenge helped me get to Number One in Google!


Our latest review on Amazon for the 30 Day SEO Challenge: Got me to Number 1!, 25 Jan 2012 By BumpBuddiesAntenatal This review is from: 30 Day SEO Challenge (Kindle Edition) The 30 day challenge was very easy to follow, every day a new idea to help improve my positions. Also lots of tools, tried and tested […]

30 Day Starting a Business Challenge review – Comprehensive & Well Written!


We love it when our Challenges are reviewed over at Amazon, and we like to share them with you Here’s the latest review for the 30 Day Starting a Business Challenge Comprehensive and well written, 22 Jan 2012 By Angela - See all my reviews This review is from: 30 Days to Starting your own Business Challenge (30 Days […]

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