All the ebooks you need for 2013 – check out our Bonanza Bundles!


You’ve been asking us for a while to bundle some of our ebooks together, and what better time to do that than at the beginning of a new year? Whether you’re looking to up your Social Media Marketing, finally getting around to writing that ebook, or are looking to kickstart your Marketing and Sales in […]

Ways Google+ can contribute towards your Google+ strategy

A guest post from Nisha Google Plus can be an invaluable asset to your company. In order to take advantage of Google Plus’s social media marketing opportunities, you will need to gain a better understanding of how it works. You may be surprised to learn how Google Plus, like white label email marketing can boost […]

Seven Ways to Ensure Marketing Consistency

A guest post from Christopher Wallace A long time ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth, there were no social media sites or smart phones. The Internet was still in its infancy and the business world relied on meetings… lots of meetings, ranging from in-depth strategy and sales sessions to mundane status meetings. Fortunately, we have […]

Why Can’t Twitter Woo the French?


This article was written by Neeral Bhatt, Marketing Executive for blogger outreach tool Outreachr According to the latest study from Outreachr, Twitter plug-in penetration in France is startlingly low. We analysed 350,000 domains in the travel and finance sectors to find that only 0.5% of French websites had any kind of Twitter button or plugin […]

5 tips for Google+ marketing – A guest post by Diana Maria


Google is the leading brand in the search domain and with its social networking site; Google is set to grab a major share of the social market. Although they do not have a business page for marketers but its features are being utilized by strategist all over the world. Once Google+ launches its “brand pages”, […]

Embrace social media marketing to augment your business profits – A Guest Post By Kavin Matthews

A Guest Post By Kavin Matthews Before you even think of undertaking the execution and implementation of a sound campaign for social media marketing, it is very important that you establish the benefits of social media within your business organization. When someone sets up a business firm, his main goal is to increase the profits […]

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