About 30 Day Challenges

So what are 30 Day Challenges? Well, funnily enough they’re exactly as they sound – a challenge based around a theme or product, that take 30 days to complete.

How does it work?

There are 2 parts to a 30 Day Challenge – an email list and an ebook.

You can sign up to one or the other, or both.

The email list delivers an email a day for 30 days. The first 50 places on the Challenge lists are free, after that the Challenges are priced at £3.

The ebooks contain all of the challenges that the email lists have, plus a few extras. All ebooks are presold at £4 and then increased to £8 on the day the challenge launches.

It’s that simple!

We have new challenges coming up all the time so please do sign up top right to be alerted to them!

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