#30DaySEO – Learn about anchor text – what is it and what can it do for you?

This is an extract from the 30 Day SEO Challenge

An Admiralty Pattern anchor

An Admiralty Pattern anchor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now you’ve done a lot of on page optimisation on your site, we’re going to look at a big part of offsite optimisation – getting links to your site.

Links to your site are a great way for you to show Google that you are seen as ‘an authority’ and can pack an even bigger punch if they’re formatted in the correct way.

So, anchor text. We talked about this in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge  but not all of you did that one so I’ll go over it again:

We all know that links to our website is a great way to help our Google listings. But did you know that the WAY in which the link is done also matters?

For example, let’s say that your company is called ABC Incorporated, and your website was www.abcinc.com. The keyphrase that you’re trying to get to the top for is “yellow bananas”.

So, the links to your site (in articles, blog posts, profiles, links from other sites etc) may say something like “For great yellow bananas, visit ABC Incorporated”.

Invariably the words that link to your website will be “ABC Incorporated”. But this is telling Google that in that sentence, the words you want to be known most for are the ones that form your company name – that’s not true, as you’re probably already on the front page of Google for your company name, right?

The words that SHOULD form the link to your website are the important words, the ones you want to rank for – yellow bananas. (This is called ‘anchor text’)

So your link should look like this: For great yellow bananas, visit ABC Incorporated

NOT this: For great yellow bananas, visit ABC Incorporated

Another classic culprit is “Click here for yellow bananas.”

So your challenge for today is to go through all your profiles and make sure you’re using anchor text properly, and think about how you could use it in blog posts and articles, as well as forum postings, notes on Facebook, etc.

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