30 Day Sales Challenge – eBook

‘I know for certain that this book…..would have saved me so much time and helped me to become successful a lot earlier’ (Sharon Wright : ‘Dragon Slayer’)


Has it suddenly dawned on you that, in order to grow your business, you need to sell? Maybe you’ve just moved to a frontline sales job with no real experience of selling. Or perhaps you work on your own and if you don’t learn quickly how to sell better then pretty soon you may not even have a business! Well, this book will help you sell with confidence in just 30 days.

Don’t worry though it won’t turn you into one of those stereotypical slick sales people that, truth be told, folks try to get away from. Instead it will help you sell ‘softly’ and persuasively building upon your natural conversational style and personality.

Gary Gorman is a leading UK sales mentor, trainer and business speaker. Pulling together over twenty five years of sales experience, Gary guides you through a series of 30 one-a-day challenges and shows you how selling your products or services doesn’t have to be all that difficult.

You’ll learn:

  • How to communicate what you do in a way that people understand and remember
  • How to use marketing to help you sell more easily
  • How to feel more confident about cold calling customers
  • How to find out what the customer is really looking for
  • How to run a profitable sales meeting
  • How to avoid getting beaten down on price
  • How to network successfully
  • How to write great sales copy for the web and direct mail
  • …..and much more.

Gary Gorman’s ’30 Day Sales Challenge’ will make you wonder how you found selling so awkward or frightening in the first place.

30 Day Sales Challenge - eBook
Billed as the sales guide for the non sales person, this Challenge will: Take you from feeling worried about selling to loving helping people buy Teach you easy ways to get customers to come to you. Help you to find how to close more sales with less effort. Show you how to plan and structure a successful sales meeting. Help you to know how to manage sales objections successfully so the customer wants to buy from you, and more!
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