30 day kindle challenge Day 27 – Publish your book on Kindle

This is an extract from the 30 Day Kindle Success Challenge by @HelenStothard

Kindle DX and Kindle 2

Kindle DX and Kindle 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we are going to publish your book on Kindle! You need to go back to:


Go to your bookshelf.

Click on ‘Add new title’

The first thing you will be asked is if you wish to enrol your book in Kindle Select. We discussed this earlier in  the challenge so tick the box if you do, leave it blank if you don’t.

Step One – Enter your book details

You will now need to enter the following:

Book title – this has to be the exact title of the book

Series – is the book part of a series? If so select the tick box, if not leave it blank

Edition Number – if applicable

Description – we wrote this earlier in the challenge

Book Contributors – this is where you can enter author, publisher, foreword writer etc

Language – defaults to English

Publication Date – this is optional

Publisher – this is optional, if you are doing this yourself then enter your name

ISBN – if you have a unique ISBN enter it here, it’s not required and cannot be the same as a print version of the book.

Step Two – Verify your publishing rights

This is where you confirm if the book is public domain or you hold the necessary publishing rights. If the book  has been written by you then it will be the second option. Remember that the answer to this can affect the  royalty payment that you can receive.

Step Three – Target your book to customers

This is a very important step. We covered this a few days ago when we decided on our book category and keywords. You will need these to hand.

When you enter your keywords you will need to separate them with a comma.

Step Four – Upload your book cover

We haven’t put a book cover on our word document for a good reason. There is a tick box here to allow us to add our book cover to the Kindle document automatically. This is much simpler than trying to get it to fit properly in Word.

You need to browse your hard drive for your book cover and upload it. Ensure that it meets the specification requirements we laid out earlier in the challenge.

English: Third generation Amazon Kindle

English: Third generation Amazon Kindle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Step Five – Upload your book file

Okay, before we do this did you remember to review and accept all changes? You don’t want to ruin all your hard work by submitting a file that isn’t right.

Before you upload your book you need to decide if you are wish to enable Digital Rights Management of your book. This prevents unauthorised lending of your book. It won’t stop it being purchased as a gift or prevent it from being lent in the Kindle Lending Library for a short time.

Browse for your book in the word format and upload it.

Amazon will now process your book. Don’t rush ahead here as even if you think you have a perfect document you may be in for some surprises. When the file has finished processing you will be offered the option of viewing your book as it will appear on a Kindle viewer.

Step Six – Preview your book

The simple previewer shows you how your book will appear on a traditional Kindle with grey screen. Review this first. Next download the free enhanced previewer and see how your book will appear on other Kindle devices such as the Kindle Fire and Kindle viewers.

Make any amends to your word file as required and reload the book as often as you need to until you are happy with the content and appearance. This step can take a considerable amount of time and should not be rushed.

You can update your book at a later date if you become aware of errors, but better to submit a correct file in the first instance.

Once you are happy with the formatting of the book, and only then, can you press save and continue.

Step Seven – Verify your publishing territories

You now need to select whether you hold worldwide publishing rights for your book, or you only hold publishing rights for selected territories. If you are the author of the work and it is original then you should select worldwide rights.

Step Eight – Choose your royalty

This is where you actually set the price of the book, which we worked out earlier in the challenge.

Firstly select the radio button for either 35% or 70%.

Now you can enter the selling price of the book in the boxes.

As you can see you can either base the selling price for the book on the US$ price automatically, or you can specify a selling price for each individual market. Adjust the price and see how the royalty figure alters.

Step Nine – Kindle Book Lending

Ensure there is a tick in the box for this.


You need to put a tick in the box to confirm you hold the necessary publishing rights for this book and then select ‘Save and Publish’


Your book will now be reviewed by Amazon. This can take up to 12 hours for English and 48 hours for other languages. You will receive an email from Amazon when your book has been published, although you can sometimes see it available for sale on Amazon before this email comes through.

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