15 Top Tips for 15 Seconds of Fame – How to survive the broadcast interview.

This is an extract from the 30 Day PR Challenge from Nigel Morgan

English: A Sennheiser Microphone

English: A Sennheiser Microphone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With your newfound PR skills and the evolving media environment, the chance to appear on the television news has never been easier – local newspapers are launching video websites all the time, towns often have local TV channels and the TV News is asking for people to submit their own pieces more and more. The so-called citizen journalist is on the rise!

If your Press Kit or a press release – or a blog, a tweet, an update on LinkedIn or a post on Facebook or video on YouTube – leads to a broadcast interview you need to be prepared.

Here are 15 top tips for your 15 seconds, or maybe 15 minutes, of fame!

  1. What is the interview subject? – You should know what they want to talk to you about!
  2. Is it live or pre-recorded? – Always choose pre-recorded if you can!
  3. Who else is taking part? – This gives an idea of whether it could be combative
  4. How much airtime will you have? – 15 seconds or 2 minutes? You need to prepare!
  5. How will the interview be used? – Is it for documentary or the local TV news
  6. Try to control the location – Vital if you want to keep control and STAND STILL!
  7. Think of your three must points – These are facts you have to get across!
  8. Remember the Six points: Who, What, Where, When Why & How – Every story has them!
  9. Always ask for time to prepare! – Preparation prevent particularly poor performance!
  10. What is your first question? – They might just tell you and then you can practice!
  11. How you look is vital – They should be listening to what you say! No badges, pins or brooches, avoid chequered patterns. Is your tie or scarf straight? Avoid sunglasses unless you are in organised crime.
  12. Take a chaperone if you can – They worry so you don’t have to
  13. Illustrate the story – If you choose the pictures you can control more of the story
  14. Avoid noisy environments and distractions – Should be downright obvious!
  15. Turn off mobile phones – right off! – Try to be professional so they take you seriously

It might sound daunting, but master the broadcast interview and your PR will get turbo-charged!

Remember your Organic PR? Sharing social media links to your broadcast work will attract plenty of attention. Be sure to include @Nigel_Morgan and @MorganPR on your tweets and we will share your success!

Tomorrow we will wrap up with some words of wisdom and no doubt marvel at the great things your PR is achieving.

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